How Much Wood Would a Woodchuck Chuck if a Woodchuck was a Roe?

 ^^ the existing dining room floors ^^

the wood floors are {finally} going in after sending back the defective first batch.  it put us back a little over a week but, as i've said many times, such is the way of a renovation.

two rooms in the house were already wood {dining and formal living room - to be our playroom} so we had to match the species {red oak}.  the existing floorboards were of varying width - all the way up to 8" wide - but there was no pattern or rhyme or reason so we decided to just stick with 5" boards in the new areas of the house.

^^existing planks {trying to scale them for my floor guy}^^

the great debate was whether or not to do carpet or hardwoods in the master bedroom/emorys room {they are on the same side of the house and were previously carpet}.  after much back and forth, cringing all the while at the numbers, we decided to do hardwoods.  this is mainly bc:
everywhere else in the house is hardwoods or tile {laundry room}.
even upstairs is completely hardwoods
it didn't make much sense to do the only carpet in the house in what is one of the most important rooms for resale {not that we are re-selling!!!!!!!!}
also there is that dander aspect - carpet adds a whole extra element of DUST to the equation

i love carpet, we've always had carpet, but for this house = wood

and since we were at it, i decided to run them into the master bathroom ;)

i have worked with the couple who is laying/staining our floors for years - around six to be exact.  they are like family and its a joy having someone who is as particular as i am {if not more!!!} working on our house.

^^scaling for the hearth^^

part of me always wants to just keep the floors as-is {unstained} when they go down

the smell is amazing and the feel is just so raw, which in this case is a good thing!
but we will be staining them, bc thats what you do, so updates on that in a few weeks after we let these floors sit for awhile and "adjust" to their surroundings.

wood floors are so particular ;)

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